•  Project Client:
  • Urban Design Research Institute (UDRI)

3x3 developed alternative development strategies for Reinventing Dharavi, a call for ideas that solicited innovative methods to address livability new urban uses in Dharavi, Mumbai, one of the largest informal settlements in the world. This proposal was awarded 2nd runner up and completed in collaboration with HybridCities, an Indo-French urban design collective - Degré Zéro, Atelier Anonyme, Troiséme Paysage, RR&A and OGI.
Context Approach Outcomes

Project Context:

Dharavi is one of the most notable informal settlements globally, spanning 200 hectares of land in the heart of Mumbai. With approximately 86,000 informal structures and an estimated population of 1,000,000 inhabitants, Dharavi has a thriving entrepreneurial community despite a lack of basic infrastructure and services. As a response to the Dharavi Redevelopment Plan (DRP), UDRI launched ‘Reinventing Dharavi’ to pioneer new ways to generate alternative development strategies, encompassing housing, sanitation, education, public space, governance and cultural programming improvements for Dharavi and other informal settlements throughout India.