About 3x3 Design

3×3 is a women-owned and led organization. Our diverse team draws from their backgrounds in transdisciplinary design, anthropology, urban planning, and communications to address organizational challenges and civic issues.

Our Team
Clients and Partners

Partnership is at the heart of every client engagement we undertake. We work closely with our clients to deliver high quality projects, and create partner relationships to deliver value for the places and communities we serve.

Established in 1978, the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) is the largest municipal housing preservation and development agency in the nation. NYC Mayor's Office of Sustainability work is focused on developing cohesive sustainability plans for New York City. We will strengthen and amplify the Health Department’s work to eliminate health inequities, which are rooted in historical and contemporary injustices and discrimination, including racism. AIGA/NY’s mission is to demonstrate design’s impact and cultivate the future of design in NYC by advocating for design within the city’s cultural and civic life. The Downtown Alliance - Downtown-Lower Manhattan's Business Improvement District (BID) - strives to make Lower Manhattan a wonderful place to live, work and play by creating a vibrant multi-use neighborhood. The Local Development Corporation of East New York empowers businesses to retain and build industry and commerce, create jobs, and improve economic opportunities. WSDIA is a contemporary design studio that translates clients’ needs into dynamic, visual systems that can be presented at multiple scales. Greha is a non-profit society that conducts research for environmental development, habitat design and architecture. Urban Matter Inc is an experience design studio that works at the intersection of design, technology, and community to craft engaging environments and experiences. Outline India is a research consultancy conducting high-quality, authentic field surveys across India. The Village Alliance’s mission is to enhance Greenwich Village’s quality-of-life by creating a cleaner, safer and more enjoyable environment. HR&A Advisors, Inc. is an industry-leading real estate, economic development and energy efficiency consulting firm for some of the most complex mixed-use projects across North America and abroad. Auster Agency, architects of unique experiences, delivers fresh perspectives and increases brand loyalty for a wide range of clients through dynamic experiential marketing strategies. Two Bridges serves the residential, commercial, and cultural life of Manhattan’s Lower East Side through community-based programs and strategic partnerships. Atelier Anonyme is a creative consultancy that observes the world with an inquisitive and often irreverent eye. Izel Homes combines design thinking, bespoke textile, and product design services to transform environments in new and creative ways. HFOA is a design consultancy that redefines accepted notions of everyday objects and designs sustainable habitats. ULI New York serves as a forum for real estate professionals, reflecting best practices in leadership development, community service and land use policy and practice. Troisiéme Paysage is a landscape consultancy that redesigns living spaces for the future in harmony with vibrant and resilient power of the living nature. Dechets a L'Or innovates existing waste collection and processing systems in growing world cities. They work to create new sources of revenue for communities, improve cities’ environmental footprint, and improve public health. UDRI is dedicated to the protection of the built environment and the improvement of urban communities. The Redstone Townhomes Neighborhood Association (RTNA) promotes economic stability, safety, education and beautification of its neighborhood. Sainik Enterprises established in 1972 specialises in manufacturing contemporary home accessories with a strong emphasis on encouraging a wealth of traditional techniques and manual skills. Open Communities is an non-profit consulting team that offers programming and technical assistance to help diverse communities proactively choose integration and cohesion. Mass Urban is a multi-disciplinary design-research initiative focusing on holistic and public-interest approaches to architecture and urbanism. Alloy is a real estate development company working in NYC with over $1.6B in projects completed or in development since 2006.