Kate Fisher

Program Manager and Service Designer

Kate Fisher is a Program Manager at 3×3 Design. She brings her service design, UI/UX design, and participatory planning experience to 3×3 to advance social justice. She believes an approach that keeps values at the center of the process can disrupt and nudge systems towards a more equitable future. Before 3×3, Kate has designed services, products, processes, curricula, and research frameworks for the United Nations, The City of New York, Slum Dwellers International as well as various nonprofits within Hong Kong, New York, Chicago, Uganda, and South Africa. Kate is a organizer for the Service Design New York, part-time lecturer at The New School, and her work has contributed to MIT Leonardo Electronic Almanac, Touchpoint Service Design Journal, Habitat III, The World Urban Forum, and The Queens Museum. Kate holds a MFA in Design Strategies for Cities, Ecologies and Systems from Parsons and a BFA in Design from Columbia in Chicago.

Fun fact: Kate dreams of being a tour guide of New York City. If you’re ever curious about New York City’s hidden gems, Kate is your go to.

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