•  Project Client:
  • Local Bee

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Created a service design strategy for a New York City-based online grocer by identifying untapped food markets, defining customer profiles, and developing a crowdsourced digital platform to increase market exposure, and inform service delivery and operations.

Project Context:

Local Bee needed to define a mobile distribution model – for customer pick-ups – to scale their services to increase convenient access to locally-sourced and produced food in underserved areas iin New York City, and in suburban Nassau and Westchester counties. The online grocer was working in the context of a burgeoning local food maker scene that lacked the distribution channels needed to deliver locally-made and locally-sourced foods in areas of high demand.

Project Approach:

Through in-depth research, 3×3 helped the client to uncover untapped markets to scale their business. 3×3 conducted consumer behavior research to identify target users, develop demographic profiles, and understand emerging food trends using market research, field surveys, and pilot customer interviews. The project team developed and executed a geospatial analysis and location-based decision model to map the defined user profiles and analyze target locations. Data mining of sources like Zagat and Yelp were used to compliment publicly available data and understand food culture in New York City’s neighborhoods.

Project Outcomes:

3×3 helped streamline an organizational growth strategy and opened communication channels with consumers by designing an online platform to collect consumer insight for desired locations and to inform service delivery for customer pick-up times. To complement the online platform, the project team developed a decision-making matrix and consumer preference survey for continued organizational self-evaluation and future business scaling.