•  Project Client:
  • Unbox Festival

3×3 and Izel Lab participated in a workshop series to build an interactive social network map of designers and practitioners using skills to link potential collaborators and grow innovative ideas and crafts at the Unbox Festival 2014 held at Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts(IGNCA), New Delhi.

Project Context:

Unbox Festival is an interactive, multi-discipline festival platform founded in 2011 with the primary goal to encourage creative thinking and collaboration across fields. The platform eschews traditional conference formats and makes the participant an active creator, rather than a passive observer. 3×3 facilitates mapping of skills at unbox through an interactive network map of individuals.

Project Approach:

Respondents are handed a card to fill their contact details, their core skills and three skills that they want to connect in order to collaborate for creative projects. The cards are gradually pinned on board based on five clusters: creative fields, management and finance, social science, technology and others. Each card is then linked to skills that individual is looking for in order to develop interdisciplinary work.

Project Outcomes:

A live infographic assists individuals at the festival to learn more about people and organizations present at the festival and see how they could grow their ideas and craft with different disciplines. It improves communication across diverse fields and represent a playful way to reach out to people they can collaborate with to develop innovative and multidisciplinary projects.