Our Process

Cities are dynamic. The 21st-century city is undergoing profound change and requires new  thinking for urban planning that incorporates diverse voices into the problem solving process.  3×3 brings a new approach to develop resource-efficient and contextual solutions for the intricacies of the public realm.

We believe in grounded concept development informed by our client’s goals and their user’s needs.
We achieve this by working across three sectors - public, private, and civic- to facilitate shared responsibility and manage projects for short and long term goals. Our user-centric process follows a simple method - research, communicate, design - to understand environments and uncover hidden opportunities. This allows us to streamline 3x3 project delivery, strengthen client partnerships, and build strong foundations informed by people.

Our process blends Human Centered Design and Participatory Design to create responsive solutions for diverse audiences and users. Human Centered Design - a multi-stage process led by designers - using applied ethnography to uncover needs and desires, and Participatory Design - a collaborative process facilitated by designers - using engagement tools to involve stakeholders and generate ideas allow us to build on community assets for reality driven strategies.

Effective problem solving requires an iterative approach. Our 5 step process connects clients with their end users, helps define project painpoints, and guides quick collection of vital input. This results in actionable deliverables for our clients, and valuable projects for their end-users.

1. Assess 2. Engage 3. Identify 4. Design 5. Prototype
Assess Landscape
Define gaps and state goals. Our team employs mixed-method design research to efficiently collect necessary data, hone in on key issues, and map stakeholders.