Approach and services

We center people and communities in all we do. Because every project is unique, we craft bespoke approaches using a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods. We work across multiple sectors, including: Architecture, Civic Technology, Corporate Social Responsibility, Education, Government, Nonprofit, Real Estate, and Urban Planning. We are always happy to chat about your project needs and ideate potential approaches. Reach out at: info@3× 👋🏽



💫 Our clients often come to us with these challenges:


+ How can we design new services and programs for dignity?


+ How can we better engage and co-design with stakeholders?


+ How can we re-design systems to be inclusive and antiracist?




✨ We achieve impact in these areas:


+ Infrastructure
(physical & social)


+ Climate change
(energy transformation, adaptation planning)


+ Community engagement
(trust building, power sharing, accountability)


+ Equitable economies
(workforce development & incubation, inclusive investment)


+ Justice system
(reform & reconciliation)


+ Inclusive innovation
(co-design, behavior design, and human-centered design models)


+ Wealth building
(shared ownership & governance models)

Capacity building

Technical assistance

Coaching, training, technical assistance, and tool development to build capacities of individuals, organizations, and coalitions to plan, design, and implement projects

Organizational and culture change management

Organizational recalibration to drive culture change and foster equitable and inclusive structures, processes, and hierarchies

Curriculum design and development

Learning objectives, course blueprints and content, and hybrid, interactive, and inclusive learning experiences

Toolkit design and development

Collaborative construction of a set of guidelines or tools to guide stakeholders toward a goal and increase the reach and impact of a program or service

Applied research

Applied ethnographic methods that generate contextual insights for program, policy, and outreach solutions

Qualitative and quantitative analysis

A combination of data collection and analysis methods that surface the needs, aspirations, and priorities of stakeholders

Policy and planning research

A combination of applied ethnography and behavior science methods with traditional statistical, geospatial, and planning methods to develop a deep understanding of ecosystems, sectors, markets, and people

Socio-spatial research

Qualitative data and GIS-based analysis to study the physical and social attributes of a study area

Feasibility studies

Needs and impact assessment, options definition, and cost-benefit analysis to assess the feasibility of a project

Economic research and analysis

Evidence-based research and policy analysis to study business innovation and sectoral trends and issues

Problem framing and scoping

Understand, define and prioritize complex challenges to scope project and make better decisions.

Engagement and outreach

Inclusive engagement strategies that build trust, accountability, and feedback loops to develop authentic partnerships with the targeted communities

Workshop design and facilitation

Open, iterative, interactive, and innovative experiences that promote mutual understanding and foster multi-sector collaborations and inclusive solutions

Interactive engagement tools

Culturally responsive and accessible online and site-specific engagement tools that help build trust and establish an authentic relationship with stakeholders

Campaign strategy and channel planning

Place-based and educational campaigns that raise awareness, advance positive narratives, and motivate behavioral change

Multi-stakeholder engagement

Hyper local multimedia channels and inclusive facilitation techniques that engage hard-to-reach population segments

Community partnership development

Coalition-building and committee formations that support and facilitate unified vision and partnerships

Content creation and management

Design and test culturally sensitive content that appeals across diverse stakeholders and drives behavior change

Communications design

Visually compelling and culturally sensitive print and digital communication collaterals for campaigns and stakeholder engagement

Strategy and design

Collaborative processes and inclusive problem-solving, training, and improved knowledge management strategies to redesign existing systems of organizations

Social impact planning

Develop a social return on investment forecast or define a theory of change to plan social impact plan for your project.

Product definition

Design sprints and strategy sessions to specify the value proposition, prioritize stakeholders, audiences, and establish functional and technical requirements

Program and service development

Analysis of diverse perspectives, relationships, and nodes of influence to surface mutually beneficial, cross-cutting opportunities for program and service development

Strategic planning and option development

Inclusive and ethical business processes and program roadmaps for support positive transformative change and increased social impact

Piloting and evaluation

Innovation management and cyclical evaluation models to guide transitions, engender growth, scale programs, or refine services

Monitoring and evaluation

Plans and benchmarks to monitor and assess the performance and impact of programs, services, and institutions with the ability to make ongoing adjustments to the project and inform scaling

Management, reporting, and information systems

Management and assessment tools that track and measure progress and support work with community partners

Social impact assessment

Instruments, frameworks, data capture, and collaborative findings synthesis to capture long-term outcomes and impacts of a program, service, or policy on stakeholders and environment

Implementation planning and coordination

Manage and implement a new or existing program and provide technical assistance to stakeholders.

Rapid prototyping

Short cycle development and iteration of low- to mid-level prototype stimulations of a product, program, or service to test and validate with relevant stakeholders

Usability testing

Functionality and interaction testing of a prototype with users to identify drivers and barriers to improvement of a service, program, or product