Our team

We are community-centered designers, strategists, planners, researchers, and builders partnering with people to reimagine our future and institutionalize change.

Ying Tang

Bilingual Engagement Designer and Researcher

Our collaborators & alums

We engage lived-experience and subject-matter experts to support specific contextual, cultural, and technical aspects of our work. We collaborate with both emergent and established practitioners as co-researchers to create the conditions for restorative (rather than extractive) research and co-design processes. We are also growing a network of alums who have completed our inclusive design trainings and offer community-centered services as partners or independently.

Our story

We founded 3×3 in 2013 based on a belief that systemic change requires intersectional and equity-centered approaches. From our backgrounds in architecture, urban planning, and international development, we saw stakeholders on the ground consistently being left out of decisions that affected them most—both unintentionally and by design. Our mission is to apply community-centered design to reform decision-making, redistribute power, and create healing space to center the power and voices of communities historically impacted by oppressive systems.

Our studio in downtown Brooklyn is located on the Lenapehoking, the traditional land of the Lenape people. Our office in New Delhi is situated on the land of Ahir clan and Yadu tribes. We acknowledge and share gratitude for the stewards of these lands as both historic and contemporary communities. Through our practice, we strive to redress legacy systems of oppression, colonialism, and racism.

Work with us

Feel free to reach out if you are interested in partnering with us on a project or joining our team. We would be happy to hear from you.