Xiaofan Jiang

Bilingual Engagement Designer

Xiaofan Jiang is a Bilingual Engagement Designer at 3×3, focusing on facilitating stakeholder engagement, implementing design-led research and analysis, and providing language access in Chinese for the Chinatown Downtown Revitalization Initiative. Xiaofan is an MFA candidate for the Transdisciplinary Design Program at Parsons School of Design, where she uses design-led methods to construct frameworks for engagement and story-telling, uplift voices for marginalized communities, and amplify their visions for a more equitable future. Her interests lie at the intersection of decolonization, speculative futures, and community engagement using participatory approaches, which she values as a tool to challenge stigma, reclaim narratives, build relationships, and shift power structures. She also works as a UX research assistant at Parsons to design an online collaboration tool that empowers teachers and students to co-design and implement participatory assessment strategies for different learning environments. Her previous works are situated in UX design, design research, speculative design, and visual communication. Originally from China, she is obsessed with different cuisine across the country and traditional methods of care like herbs and massage.