Community-centered tools, trainings, and resources

Resources for inclusive and participatory innovation. Tools releasing in Fall 2021!

Community-centered design reforms planning and policy-making processes by elevating, supporting, and creating healing space for those most affected by policy, planning, and design decisions. At 3×3, we believe that inclusive processes help lead to just outcomes. We also know that methods alone are not enough to make change happen. Drawing upon more than a decade of experience developing methods that center communities in design, policy, and planning decisions, we have created resources so more teams can explore the mindsets and skillsets that can spark transformation and integrate reflection, collaboration, and inclusion into their everyday work.

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Community-centered design is a methodology for equitable decision-making and collaborative problem-solving for teams, organizations, and communities. We practice this approach as part of a lineage of inclusive design methods, such as liberatory design, equity-centered community design, participatory design, emancipatory research, and transformative research design.


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