Sumar Frejat

Bilingual Researcher

Sumar Frejat is as a bilingual researcher at 3×3. He is an Iraqi Syrian refugee who fled the war and had to abandon his medical studies in Aleppo, Syria. In 2015, he settled in Houston and worked there for two years. In 2017, he joined Columbia University. He received the Displaced Persons’ Scholarship and graduated in 2022, majoring in Neuroscience and Behavior. In addition to medicine, he is passionate about language and serving local communities. He enjoys teaching, translating, and interpreting Arabic. He aspires to use his language and cultural skills to build bridges, and to increase immigrants’ accessibility to various resources. His past work includes participating in COVID-19 STEM Community Education and Empowerment Internship in 2021. As an intern, he investigated scientific literature in virology, vaccines, public health, and vaccine communications, especially regarding vaccination hesitation, and the lack of public health messages tailored to young age groups.