Maria Paula Otero

Bilingual Engagement Designer and Researcher

Maria Paula Otero is a Bilingual Engagement Designer and Researcher at 3×3 focusing on community engagement and making sure the voices of marginalized populations are being heard. Maria Paula is a Colombian MFA candidate for the Transdisciplinary Design who combines participatory design with evidence-based research to develop inclusive human-centered models around care. She considers her work to be an intervention tool to organize complexity and find clarity in chaos. Maria uses design as an opportunity to understand people’s role within a system and their responsibility as actors that can shape the forthcoming. She enjoys being challenged by the continuous necessities of human beings while balancing cultural variability and disparities. Her interest lies in creating environments with equity, inclusivity, empathy, and global interconnectedness to empower individuals and communities. In her free time, Maria enjoys playing golf, being in silence and searching for the best lava cake in New York City.