Lillian Fox Peckos


Lillian is a Researcher working with 3×3 on the Community Development Usership Survey, in partnership with NYC Parks. She is an educator and organizer with a 7-year long commitment to education equity, focusing upon improving education outcomes for low-income students and imparting feelings of ownership and empowerment to her students. She is excited to use her skills in curriculum design and community engagement in a research capacity to support this study. With this background and her love of public spaces and nature, Lillian is interested in how families and individuals interact with public spaces and each other, how these spaces foster a sense of belonging, and how green spaces support mental health and well-being. Lillian holds a bachelor’s degree from Kenyon College in Political Science with a focus on human rights and comparative politics and a minor in Spanish. When she’s not out in the field, you can find her crocheting, watching old movies or trying to eat her way through New York City.