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Inclusive Facilitation Fundamentals

Create enabling environments for inclusion

Join a learning cohort to build a more reflexive practice that centers historically excluded communities in design and decision-making through inclusive facilitation.

Drawing from over a decade of experience developing methods that center communities in design, policy, and planning decisions, 3×3 is launching this new webinar series for individual practitioners and teams to further integrate critical reflection, collaboration, and inclusion into their everyday work.

The purpose of this program is to support designers, researchers, and planners to intentionally integrate awareness of positionality and power dynamics as well as values of inclusion, trust-building, accountability, and power-sharing into their work. We will introduce mindsets associated with the Transformative Paradigm and community-centered design through the following sessions:

What biases do I hold? Positionality & Reflexivity—August 4, 5-6:45 pm EST: Gain awareness of your positionality and build reflexivity into your practice.

Who decides?  Power & Power-Sharing—August 11, 5-6:45 pm EST: Map power dynamics in your project and define how you and your organization will foster power-sharing.

Who is involved? Inclusion, Equity, & Representation—August 18, 5-6:45 pm EST: Understand who has historically been involved, helped, or harmed in your project context to build an inclusive Engagement Plan.

How is trust earned? Authenticity, Transparency, & Accountability—August 25, 5-6:45 pm EST: Invest in trust-building through the process and decision-making transparency and accountability.

How do we foster enabling environments? Access, Belonging, & Care—September 1, 5-6:45 pm EST: Understand and address barriers to participation in a process to design for equitable access, inclusion, and care.



This series of interactive sessions will introduce core values and mindsets, coach participants through applied activities, and provide hands-on facilitation practice, culminating in creation of an Inclusive Engagement and Facilitation Playbook that will help participants foster an enabling environment for inclusion in their projects or work.