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Co-designing services for recently-returned veterans

“Too many of the tragedies that befall our veterans after coming home are linked to the lack of appropriate tools to address their mental health challenges. So I can think of nothing better we can give our veterans on this important day than a full toolbox to help ensure their needs are taken care of.”

—Lt. Col. James Hendon, Commissioner of the Department of Veterans Affairs.


With the rising costs of college education and few avenues for debt-free financial assistance, access to college education requires careful financial planning and savings over the long term. The NYC Kids RISE Save for College Program aims to help NYC families to build financial assets and increase rates of student attendance and graduation as stepping stones towards college and career training opportunities. 3×3 co-designed and tested a suite of engagement tools to explore ways to improve the onboarding and engagement experience of participating families.

Community-centered approach

– Inclusive design, facilitation, and applied workshops for DVS staff and stakeholders
– Application of service design and human-centered design methods to co-design a service delivery and alignment strategy



– Delivery of a user-centered service design process to meet the unique challenges of recently transitioned veterans and their families in New York City
– Definition of a blueprint for ongoing government and non-profit collaboration
Journey mapping to enable all stakeholders to articulate program partner roles and responsibilities, resource needs, and metrics at each step of the program
– Identification of the need to provide financial assistance throughout the relocation and transition process to prevent financial insecurity and instability
– Overall, deepened relationships and shared trust amongst government and non-profit partners

Project team

Megan Marini, David Seliger, Karine Sarkissian, Kate Fisher