•  Project Client:
  • The Centre for New York City Neighborhoods

3x3 served as the workshop designer, developer, and facilitator for the Centre for New York City Neighborhoods (CNYCN) for Temporary Housing Services Program, one of CNYCN’s programs that provides one-on-one temporary housing assistance to homeowners displaced by Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts under the HUD Build it Back program.
Context Approach Outcomes

Project Context:

To design the participatory workshop, 3x3 reviewed existing documentation on the program, held discussions with the program manager and key personnel, and collected feedback from key stakeholders through a questionnaire to develop the workshop content and frame the design challenge. One (1) full day and two (2) half-day workshops were held with the program staff and vendors, and additional CNYCN staff. Through tailored training and facilitation, 3x3 helped the involved decision makers to build a baseline understanding of the program process and design feedback instruments, establish performance targets, identify opportunities and strategies for process improvement, and plan ongoing monitoring and evaluation activities.