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Moving from surveillance to a shared sense of public safety

As part of the Mayor’s Action Plan (MAP) pilot initiative to reduce violent crime in 15 NYCHA developments affected by high crime rates, the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice sought to build a digital dashboard – NeighborhoodStat Meter – to help communities, government agencies, and stakeholders work together to surface issues that affect people’s sense of safety, identify actionable solutions, and monitor progress.


In collaboration with Hyperakt as the platform design lead, 3×3 led a series of roundtables to align stakeholders on project goals, identify stakeholder use cases, and improve the dashboard and its underlying collaboration process leading up to its deployment.


3×3 engaged over 100 stakeholders including residents living in MAP communities, MAP program managers and leadership, and neighborhood officers serving MAP communities. Based on insights generated, 3×3 provided strategic recommendations to enhance the process, tool accessibility, and data legibility to foster trust among stakeholders and enable effective collaboration for improved neighborhood safety.

Outcome & Impact

Recommendations included repositioning the dashboard from a quantitative tracking tool by incorporating qualitative anecdotes, creating transparency around contact information, opening communication channels, and celebrating success stories to build trust and allow for effective dialogue, information sharing, and collective meaning-making.