•  Project Client:
  • NYC Department of Small Business Services

New York City is positioned to thrive at the forefront of creative innovation. Now, more so than ever, it is essential that the City supports creative businesses to continue to contribute in its economic growth and maintain its position as an unrivaled cultural hub within an ever-changing M&E landscape. With a new mandate from the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment to boost New York’s cultural capital, 3x3 worked with the NYC Department of Small Business Services and small media & entertainment businesses to design and pilot a program to help them grow, innovate, and thrive in a rapidly changing marketplace.

Context Approach Outcomes

Project Context:

3x3 led research to identify high growth industries, and spoke with over 200 industry small businesses through focus groups, contextual inquiry interviews, and surveys to understand overarching needs and challenge of operating a small creative business in NYC, understand barriers to growth, and identify programmatic opportunities. A series of co-design workshops with project stakeholders, small businesses, and industry leaders were held to design a program tailored to marketing, media tech, and live events subsectors. The resulting three-month accelerator pilot program trained twenty-five (25) businesses in brand positioning, growth and change, and marketing and sales, supported by ongoing mentorship and structured peer learning to encourage cross-pollination. The pilot was designed for testing for successful elements to inform a full-scale roll out and a long-term scaling strategy.