•  Project Client:
  • Studio-X Rio

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3×3 developed an exhibition and workshops series to showcase the possibilities for cultural programming and economic development around Praça Tiradentes, one of the oldest and most historically significant plazas in Rio de Janeiro. The goal was to fortify partnerships between creative industries and local businesses, lower communication barriers, and incentivize collaboration between groups.

Project Context:

The downtown core surrounding Praça Tiradentes, a notable hub for culture and commerce in Rio, has suffered neglect during the second half of the 20th Century. New international attention and a growing interest to activate the plaza and promote city visions for the area’s cultural and economic well-being is gaining prominence. In collaboration with Studio-X Rio we looked at best methods to promote the plaza and stimulate programming that enhances and highlights the area’s existing cultural and economic activities.

Project Approach:

As Crônicas Tiradentes is based off of research that used social network analysis and interviews to capture the stories and clusters that exist around the praza to develop engagement tools – crônicas- that communicate the area’s inherent cultural and economic value when organizations work in proximity to one another, and are able to maintain diverse skills and capacities. This work was incorporated into the exhibition and workshop series to sensitize organizations working in the area about their inherent value and highlight where there is value for public space programming.

Project Outcomes:

Developed a culturally responsive communications campaign using storylines derived from research to engage entrepreneurs and cultural organization around available resources, and complementary business and cultural activities in the area. Used communications strategies to enhance exhibition goals and promote a workshop series that facilitates network formation and cross-pollination of ideas for new public space programming and area revitalization.