•  Project Client:
  • Two Bridges Neighborhood Council

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3×3 developed a systems map for ongoing social resiliency efforts in the Two Bridges area to visually communicate a neighborhood power, telecommunications, and information network that would enable local communications during a crisis event.

Project Context:

Urban resiliency is at the forefront of New York City’s planning discussions- from rebuilding after Sandy to planning for rising sea levels- but conversations ignore a critical pillar of resiliency: social infrastructure. Social infrastructure is a form of connectivity that enables communities to respond, reorganize, and adapt at the local level to external shocks. Two Bridges Neighborhood Council and Urbane Development, along with other expert stakeholders, were seeking support for the design and build out of a community mesh network. The taskforce needed a compelling way to simplify the complex system and its various components for donor organizations and public stakeholders. The goal of the proposal was to develop an integrated energy and telecommunications network that would enable information exchanges between local area residents and crisis responders in the event of a disaster.

Project Approach:

3×3 workshopped with client organization and diverse project experts including: building professionals, energy consultants, and IT technicians to map the components and social impact of the integrated network and condense into a simple visual. Our team developed a concept, building off community initiatives underway in the Two Bridges neighborhood to develop a publicly-accessible communications tool that taps into existing community capital and social networks to build trust, enable learning, and provide community members with needed resources to prepare and respond to crises.

Project Outcomes:

We condensed the various elements of Beyond the Grid into a compelling visual that clearly conveys the technical components of the system along with overarching social, economic, and community benefits. Building off this system, we devised a proposal for a community hub platform that builds off of the ‘Neighborhood Share Point’ concept created by 3×3 collaborator, Dan Butt, to link diverse initiatives around community resiliency to expand local connectivity, long-term social infrastructure, and resiliency.