•  Project Client:
  • Dechets a l'Or

3×3 designed and launched a brand identity and digital interface to help a social enterprise expand their provision of sustainable waste management services in Guinea, West Africa.

Project Context:

Dechets a l’Or is a social enterprise leveraging anaerobic digestion technology for sustainable waste management, fertilizer production, and energy generation to build local supply chains, and promote economic and environmental sustainability. The team needed to build a brand identity, communications collateral, and web presence to demonstrate the importance of their concept and launch a public awareness campaign to meet their fundraising goals for their pilot.

Project Approach:

3×3 facilitated workshops to understand short-term organizational goals for long-term growth and scalability, identify target audiences, and to build a roadmap for how to get there. This included: mapping the waste management system from waste collection and sorting to anaerobic digestion and generation of sale-end products; developing a communications strategy and package suited to the client’s budget and timeline.

Project Outcomes:

3×3 developed visually-compelling communications materials to break down the waste collection and client’s management system. This was complimented by an organizational growth and service model to deliver a user-focused experience that engages and motivates users. 3×3 crafted the brand identity and messaging to establish credibility and professionalism, information visualizations that simplified the company’s service and management model for investors and local stakeholders; digital design & strategy that delivered high-quality content (such as images: videos, social network sharing, and updates) and added clear a call to action to encourage brand engagement.