•  Project Client:
  • ArtsGreensboro

3×3 participated in a workshop and public forum series to strategize and share insights on ways to utilize public art and improve wayfinding that enriches the Greensboro identity and attracts diverse residents to Elm Street, Greensboro’s main corridor.

Project Context:

ArtsGreensboro is developing a Downtown Artscape Vision Plan for the Elm Street Corridor in Greensboro, North Carolina, to coincide with the City of Greensboro’s Downtown Master Streetscape Plan. There are pockets of creative activity in the downtown area, but this core lacks an integrated structure that promotes cultural connectivity, walkability, and economic development for the historically diverse business corridor and broader downtown health

Project Approach:

Worked in collaboration with a range of diverse public stakeholders to map and pinpoint downtown locations with the greatest opportunity for public art inceptions, evaluated strategic locations where Greensboro could expect the best return on investment, and outlined the most effective ways to allocate funding for cohesive and engaging public art projects.

Project Outcomes:

It was determined that establishing public arts teams would assist in decision making and creative production that improves communication across municipal sectors and represents a diversity of approaches from neighborhood-scale strategies to site-specific activations. Using lean urbanism and harnessing Greensboro’s vibrant arts scene, smaller projects will result in quick wins to effectively build needed momentum and support for arts-based public realm improvements.