•  Project Client:
  • New Jersey Community Capital

‘Investing for Impact’ was a two part installation that highlighted New Jersey Community Capital’s (NJCC) career of creating quality homes, educational facilities, and employment throughout New Jersey. The installation provided a visual representation of NJCC’s financial investment, and the social and economic capital derived in low-income communities. A crowdsourced wall complimented the installation, inviting NJCC’s network of partners and investors to share their love for New Jersey's neighborhoods.
Context Approach Outcomes

Project Context:

New Jersey Community Capital commissioned 3x3 Design to fabricate an installation that celebrated 27 years of organizational impact for its Silver Jubilee Gala. Since the organization’s inception in 1987, it has steadily expanded its ability to positively impact low income communities with tens of millions of dollars, and has expanded its rich network of investors, collaborators, and staff. NJCC needed to represent these successes through a compelling narrative that combined data and stories to celebrate its recent past and look towards a successful future.