•  Project Client:
  • Redstone Townhomes Neighborhood Association

3x3 forged public private partnerships for citizen generated visioning, long term growth strategies, and inclusive development in Jersey City’s West Side. We developed a comprehensive neighborhood development plan using spatial analysis and participatory design methods to reprogram underutilized public space and build community resilience in a rapidly developing area of Jersey City.
Context Approach Outcomes

Project Context:

Redstone Townhomes Neighborhood Association (RTNA) wanted to harness recent area investments to revive and transition the neighborhood into an education and cultural destination within Jersey City. Their goals were to: • Draw new investments through streetscape improvements and arts-based placemaking to drive foot traffic and create an inviting atmosphere for residents and visitors. • Communicate a cohesive vision and identity strategy for long-term neighborhood and campus growth. • Advance neighborhood stability through quality of life interventions: traffic calming, urban connectivity, public safety, and enhanced open space.